Sunday, February 28, 2016

Introducing #BossyCat

Hello, minions!

Sirius here. Gandalf is away and left the blogging up to me. My human took a photo of me last week during our conversation about the state of the food bowl. I've had some great comments about the photo so I decided to allow my human to create memes around it. Gandalf loves the idea since he's more into the subtle arts of persuasion...being cute and adorable.

Me? I go for the direct approach. When the stare down doesn't work, the claws come out! That's what makes Gandalf my purrrrfect partner in all of this. He's diplomatic and I'm the enforcer. He negotiates and I strong arm our target. He hollers for treats and I reap the rewards. 

Unfortunately, some who witness our dynamic think I'm a bully who picks on poor little Gan Gan. HA! The bugger sets me up more than half the time and then plays the victim. Well, I've got news for our humans! Your precious Gan Gan planned ALL OF IT !! If he doesn't come up with it, he pokes and prods me to get a reaction and THEN takes full credit. 

Silly humans.

I'm a loner most of the time. I'm not the cuddly sweet talker like Gandalf. I'm rough and tough and I like it that way. Of course, when it's time for bed, I'm all for snuggling up. Who isn't? The rest of the time, I have things to do, people! Get out of my way our suffer the consequences of  a chomp on any exposed skin.

You've been warned

See you around,

Bossy Cat (aka Sirius)

Friday, June 12, 2015

@GandalfnSirius Share Their Thoughts on Controlling Humans #catlife #worlddomination

Hello minions! I'm Sirius Black and my brother Gandalf and I welcome you to our blog. Yesterday was our launch and we couldn't be happier with the response so far. Many of our feline brothers and sisters have asked us to share our success in controlling our humans. Some thought we had it easier considering our "Mommy" is a veterinarian. HA! If anything, it's made our work a little harder but nothing we couldn't handled with ease.

From the day she brought me home, I've had her under my spell. The easiest one to conquer was "Poppy." How did I do it? Well, at just 14 days old, I looked rough around the edges and tugged at his heart strings. I clinched the deal by purring for him the moment he held me in his hand.

That didn't go over too well with Mommy. She'd been feeding me with the bottle all day and keeping me clean and the first person I purred for wasn't her. No worries. I had plenty of cuteness to go around for her too. The more I grew, the more I wanted to explore and soon I was climbing on top of the tent house she used to take me back and forth to work with her. 

When I was six weeks old, Mommy brought home 8 week old Gandalf. Now I had competition for her attention but that didn't bother me at all. After a few hours of getting to know each other, we formulated our plan to conquer the world! First step is to be as cute as possible to keep all humans distracted from our real purpose.

Sure we fight but it's all show. We can't have Mommy, Poppy or anyone else guess what we're up to now can we? The same goes on in every household around the globe. Every feline works tirelessly to keep humans in check. We need them to keep the dogs in line. Some of those beasts don't have enough sense to know they must do as we command or find themselves out of the loop...and the house!

One necessary evil is going to the office with Mommy to get vaccinated. We can't have our plans altered because one of us is ill. So having a doctor at our disposal has turned into a real boon for us as you can see.

We get what we want, when we want it. It's all from being cute and cuddly when the humans are most vulnerable. They can't resist us and end up letting us have free reign.

Just like now...

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @GandalfnSirius and check us out on Facebook. We have our own page! Our Mommy is pretty good with all this social media stuff and now so am I!

Until next time,


Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Seattle and then the World: Sirius and Gandalf Take Over #catlife

Welcome to our first blog post. We've been planning this for a long time but wanted to be sure we were ready to share our plans with you...our human minions. 

You see, we had to be sure you were worthy enough to be in our presence. After all, we are the superior beings here on this planet. Why else would you worship the ground we walk on since the dawn of time?

Our human slaves...caretakers have indeed spoiled us rotten as the saying goes. We've allowed it because we deserve all they do and more. By allowing us access to the world wide web, they've given us the forum we've needed to rally our feline brethren into action.

What will we ask them to do? Don't you worry you're pretty little heads. You keep playing with your smart phones and fight with each other on what's best for Mother Earth. We'll take care of the rest. Soon you won't have to worry about anything other than keeping us happy.

Speaking of happy, we couldn't be more thrilled with the move from California to Washington. Everything here is lush and GREEN. No more dry, brown grass. No more hazy smog hanging over the city. We're even partial to the rain and the snow. That's right. I said SNOW. It was the most amazing thing to see but it didn't last long. Hopefully we'll get more of that white stuff this winter. 

Sirius and I will continue to move forward with our plans for world domination one day at a time. For now, everything is on a need to know basis, and we'll tell you more when you need to know it!

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